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Questions about parts

For a start with some non too expensive parts for those who have them.
Is the hks super flow kit wurth the money? only approx 2 hp gain but is there some sound inhancement?
second part is the hardrace rear engine mount. can a fellow member describe has the car feels?

I have the HKS, very happy with it, nice sound, a little help for power, he doesn't take hot air..
But CTC is very similar, and cheaper cause it comes with resonator delete.
I chose HKS, cause I'm fanatic, lol..

More vibrations and sound with the hard race mount but not annoying. You feel and hear the car a lot more which I like. Got used to it in a week. No more engine pitch, more power to the wheels.

I have the CTC intake and the Hardrace mount and I couldnt be happier with both 🤘 Car pulls like a steamtrain and feels much more 'tight' and connected to the ground with the mount on 👍

thanks fellas for your input. will give a drop in filter a try. dealer no likey hks intake type.

I have the forged intake and cusco mount. Definitely makes a difference.
The CTC and HKS intakes are a little nosier than the others out there but its a good noise

do these intakes need an ecu tune? CTC resonator delete vs the hks kit????

The intakes dont need an ecu remap, however if you got a remap after you'd fitted one, you'd gain more power than without one 👍