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Rear ARB, Braided Brake Lines, Harder Pads

Fitted DS2500 Pads front and rear, Hey brake lines and Hardrace 16mm rear ARB.
The brake lines improve pedal feel a lot and the pads have a lot more bite. None of these outcomes are a great surprise but a worthwhile upgrade.
Best bit is the rear ARB. I was worried it would make car more uncomfortable but it doesn't seem like that to me - seems to make no diff on comfort stakes.
Haven't had the chance to try it out at high speed - that'll have to wait until the track but at legal speeds, it's great - car handles noticeably better - zero understeer & corners flatter - really good.
ARB was a genuine bolt on - no special tools or knowledge required btw!

Interesting...I thought the torsion beam/axle would be stiff enough without the need for an extra ARB 🤔

For those that are interested, I took the car to Goodwood a few weeks ago for the Goodwood Marshall’s Track Day – a charity fundraiser that attracts a diverse collection of cars in a relaxed atmosphere. I just did the morning session.
Conditions were not great – 3 degrees at the start – rising to 6 by lunchtime. Lots of standing water and it rained all morning. Lots of cars sliding off here and there and a few people deciding not to venture out until conditions improved. On the plus side this meant loads of track time – I managed six or seven sessions by lunchtime and did a tank of fuel.
The four wheel drive/loads of electrickery types were having a high old time notably a phenomenally quick Bentley Bentayga (nice to see one of those being hurled about), and a Jag F-Pace SVR + the ubiquitous Nissan GTRs/Golf R’s.
There was nothing directly to compare myself to – the Elises were easy to catch as they were just too twitchy. There was a Clio Trophy but it had been turned into a sprint car and was allegedly running 200 hp at the wheels and I could stay with him in the corners but off he went on the straights.
General observations were that the brake upgrade is excellent on the track – loads of bite and feel and could out brake most of the other cars with confidence.
Other interesting thing was to find out what happens when you turn in on a neutral throttle, having approached a corner too fast – the front understeers and on that day starts to wash out, but with a bit of throttle it collects itself, tightens the line and off you go. I had a lot of fun exploring this and towards the end of the morning beginning to try to induce an element of lift off oversteer – mainly on the corners with a bit more run off (!) . Got it right a few times – scared myself the other times.
Great thing about days like these is it is fun and useful to find out how the car behaves when limits are exceeded and how it responds to attempts to catch it and just generally raise your confidence levels. I can’t wait to try it in the dry.
I’ll try and upload a video later – but it’s pretty boring – just looks like a car driving around on its own in the rain!

I've got that ARB too and can recommened it as well. It just adds a certain something to the handling with a tiny bit less understeer.

I've also got the Ultra Racing front strutbrace on. It seems odd having a 'strut brace' that does not actually connect to the struts but you can really feel the difference it makes to steering feedback by sharpening up the front end.

Of the two mods I would have the strut brace first.

Next service will be braided hoses....

Thanks for the feedback...front strutbrace sounds like the next add on!
Have a good Christmas.

Hi, I am considering fitting an additional rear ARB to my ZC33S and was wondering if you could help me with a few quiries I had. Is the rest of your suspension standard, like the ZC33S does the ZC32S not have a rear ARB as standard? As far as suspension goes the ARB will probably be the only change I make and is my daily road car. Under normal conditions does the car still handle predictably and in the wet etc? My wife also uses my Swift and don't want to make it feel wierd for her, after I put a Bilstein B12 kit on my last car she hated it!

Thanks for your time,


Hi - sorry about lack of response - have been ill - apologies.
Rest of suspension std and yes no ARB as standard.
You only notice the effect of the ARB on the road when pushing on a bit in corners and roundabouts and it doesn't make car feel weird or behave differently under normal driving conditions wet or dry or anything like that. Would have thought it'll be the same with your later car as long as you stick to the thinner diameter 16mm end of things.
Hope this of some use!

Thanks for the reply, I took the plunge and got the 16mm rarb. As you say the effects are pretty subtle, but also noticeable and positive! Glad I got it.

Excellent - positive and subtle is good! Now I guess you need to find a deserted roundabout in middle of nowhere to find out what it really does.. - or (better) a morning on a track somewhere.