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Rear sway bar on a solid axle


Evening all.
I must be missing something here because I can't see how an anti-roll bar could possibly work in this configuration. That is, given that it is attached to a solid axle there can be no twisting of the bar. No twisting = no anti roll.
I'm looking forward to having this cleared up.

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The rear 'axle' isn't really an axle it is a type of torsion bar. The road wheels are not attached in line with the axle they are on the stubs which extend towards the rear of the vehicle. The leverage of the wheel on that stub will bend the 'axle' and provide an anti roll effect. When the vehicle leans during cornering, one wheel will try to come up while the other wheel trys to go down, so the axle/torsion bar is being distorted and resists that force. Adding the arb makes the whole lot stiffer = more anti roll.

Thanks for your reply.
I didn't know/appreciate there was a torsion bar effect at play in there. I thought it was a "solid" axle.

I have the 20mm Cusco rear ARB and it makes a noticeable dufference to the handling. Makes the car feel much more balanced and reduces understeer under accelleration, a well worthy mod in my eyes 👍

I have the 16mm rear ARB and the front strut bar. The difference is there. Also when I isolated the front/rear doors and plastic panels the chassis felt/become more rigid (less flex).

Hi Soulchef, What do you mean by isolate the doors and plastic panels?
Also did you install the strut bar at the same time as the rarb? I was wondering if the strut brace made a difference on its own? I too have the 16mm rarb and am now looking at some chassis bracing. Though i was thinking of going for some front and rear under chassis bracing.

Hello xu5, by that I meant "isolating the doors with sound dampening material". I guess by doing this I've increased the weight of the door and thickness of door panel cover and as results everything feels more tightly packed together. Of course for agressive driving I'm not sure this will make any difference, you will be better of with doors stabilizers or additional under chassis bracing like you said:

I had Cusco ARB 16mm for about a year, than I bought the Cusco Power Brace front strut bar. Anyway the differences are incremental but with more stuff you put on the car the car start to behave differently. Physics is wicked.

edit: found blog posts about body reinforcement for ZC33S

@soulchef That was a good read, dude even uses two parts epoxy for sealing gaps between body panel and seems to work too! quite resourceful.

I have also sound deaden and insulate all 4 doors, highly recommended mods, fairly easy to do as well.

He certainly seemed to rate the c-pillar bar!

Anyone going to try epoxy in the hatch seams!?

I love the noise and rattles from my car 🤣 Prevents passengers and makes the drive more exciting 🤭