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Had it done today!
The place where I had it done - Reidy Remaps was about an hour and a half from me over some nice swift(!) driving roads and I must admit on the way there I was wondering why am I bothering as the car was great fun.
I've attached the graph below and while the overall gains are not staggering, the feel of the car is vastly improved - the noticeable flat spot it used to have from approx 2,500 revs to 4,500 revs is gone, which means less changing gear in real world driving and a much more linear pull when pressing on/flat out. You can see that in that range I'm picking up nearly 20 extra BHP and 10/12 ft lbs of torque over standard and you really notice it.
I think it's def worth the investment. Chap reckons complete freeflow exhaust system and induction kit can deliver 145 - 150 bhp but that's a lot of money for another 8 bhp IMHO so I'll stick with this (for the time being!).

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Hi Andrew. Is that the Superchips remap or that particular tuners? I'm teetering on chiping my car as well and there is a Superchip agent near me.

Matthew Reidy

This is the chap I used - recommended by Chris Cooke - CTC Performance - they developed the map for the car and Matt will keep altering the code - if necessary - until it's right for your particular car, so it's a bespoke job - not a one size fits all. Takes 2 to 3 hours. Matt was excellent, very professional and methodical. Apparently same map as they use on the Nurburgring Suzukis. Leaves all standard features in place like coping with rubbish fuel and optimising itself for good stuff etc. Cost £325 all in. If you're local to me - I'm South Coast - you're welcome to have a drive and see what you think. I believe he will travel but then you don't get the rolling road element which is a vital part of the whole process IMHO - otherwise you can't optimise!

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Brook Dobson

Thanks for the info,I'm in Aberdeenshire so South Coast is abit far for a remap!

I see your point - I believe he has contacts round the country so I guess he sends them the map and they do your car. I'm not a sales rep for him - but he's an approachable chap so may be worth an email or a conversation.
That said - plan to do North Coast 500 at some point so you could try before you buy, then!

You can send the ECU down to Matt and he will upload an improved map. Works well if your car is near to standard. That's what I did soon after I purchased my Swift.

As Andrew said, while the peak power gains aren't night and day, the gains are noticeable and make the car much more fun to drive.

I have since added cams, but for that I went down to get the car mapped by Matt in person as the standard upgrade map wasn't suitable for more radical changes.

Now had another few days on the remap and can really recommend it. Am keen to do the odd sprint or test day before the end of the year to see how she really goes.

Hi Andrew.

And It would certainly be Interesting to see what the cars 0-60 time would be compared to the manufacturers standard 8.6 seconds.

Will see if I can oblige but it'll just be daughter and stop watch.

Booked in next week for the Superchips remap.....