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i wouldn't bother with the intake or full exhaust.
however a decat manifold fitted to the stock exhaust will provide very nice improvements.

Be careful with decat I think with the position of the sensors in the manifold and the way the ECU works the 32s doesn't run properly. Best to check with CTC who know.

Catback exhaust and intake have been proven to make gains by ctc also. Intake minor maybe 2 bhp but sounds great and exhaust around 4 bhp.

How is the superchips remap Bill?

I looked at their site and it turns out that my Suzuki dealer (recently took over by another motor group) is apparently a superchips dealer!

Although a bespoke dyno tune is appealing too since I am looking at getting a CTC intake kit for my car which would factor that in.

Disappointingly, it didn't happen !

The Aberdeen agent was expecting to upload it through the diagnostic port but the ecu was more protected than he thought and he couldn't get in. He said he was on the phone to Superchips and they tried to talk him through a plan B but without physically opening the ecu and resoldering wires it wasn't going to happen.

He wisely decided to leave it alone! Especially as the car is still under warranty.

I'm sort of disappointed but probably not enough to bother with the faff of sending the ecu to ctc. I can live without that extra 6 or 7 bhp!

Re 0 - 60 question, 7.8 seconds is the answer - according to stopwatch !!

Looking into Remaps now and Reidy isn’t too far from me. Would you still recommend? Have you seen any effects on
reliability or economy? Also was your swift completely standard? I think I might look at induction and exhaust before I get into mapping.