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Remapping / Tuning box

Looking at the possibility of remapping my Sport at some point, has anyone done this on here yet?

Options so far include, HKS power editor, Racechip, CTC remap.

I’m not sure if the HKS is simply plug and play or if it requires any further set up?

The Racechip system is really reasonably priced, I would have been reluctant to look at these systems before but after seeing the Car Throttle video at their HQ they do look a decent company.

Finally the CTC mapping which seem proven based on their demo car, but requires a long drive or posting the Ecu.

I’m not looking for the highest power but am interested in releasing a little more potential that seems to be there from the factory.

Any thoughts?

I guess your talking about ZC33S..
Yes HKS is plug and play, but it's possible to have another setup for more.
Racechip does not have good recommendations, engine light, less torque..
If you leave near CTC the best is to go with remap !

Same situation. 2018 swift sport want to simply do a stage 1 upgrade (bhp and torque only). Does anyone know of any upgrade partners of suzuki, (as Ford do with Mountune) who can carry out the work without voiding the warranty?