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Replacement rear shocks and heater/aircon display


Can anyone recommend replacement rear gas shocks? Just use the car for road use. My car is 2012 registered. There seems to be oil oozing from one of the shocks. I thought the car was fitted with gas shocks as standard but maybe not I was thinking of Bilsteins. Does anyone know of a better option? Do you have any part nos?

Also the heater/aircon display is slowly disappearing. I can only see the top quarter of the display now. Suszuki want around £117 plus VAt for a new unit. Has anyone ever managed to get one of these units out of the car? I can't see how to remove the trim around the dash or any way of starting the job. Any advice gratefully received.

Ours is also a 12 plate and it needed a shock due to an oil leak. From Suzuki it cost nearly £400 including fitting. Took 3 weeks as they couldn't get the part for ages however we always have a courtesy car from them anyway so no harm came from it.

Hope I helped!

Bilstein rear OEM spec shocks are about 50 quid a pop and are a doddle to fit 👍

Thanks guys for your helpful comments.

I will give the Bilsteins a go. The original shocks have lasted less than 50,000 miles. One of them is leaking quite badly. Not very impressive

Sounds fair, I am useless with stuff like that therefore I let Suzuki sort it. Otherwise my missus would've refused to get in the car, like she did when I changed the tyre on our old car!