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Replacing fog lights

To access the fog lights, do I need to remove the front bumper? Or, is it possible to remove the grilles in which the fog lights sit?

Hi John, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.
I've never replaced my fog lights but I've got a feeling that the bumper needs to be removed. Which In Itself Is supposed to be quite a simple job 👍

If you are just changing bulbs you can do that from underneath/through the wheel arch. If you are changing the whole foglight you need to take the bumper off. Its not as daunting as it sounds. Work your way around the edge of the bumper removing all the plastic 'press stud' clips. There are a couple of screws as well in the wheel arch. Once every clip is off the bumper will come away fairly easily. Have a big old towel or curtain or something on the ground ready to plonk it on to avoid scratches.

Good Info there Bill. I'm sure It will come In useful for somebody In the near future 👍

Hi Chaps,thanks for the responses. Sounds like the bumper has to come off. I have attempted this prior to my post. Removing the grommets around the top and under the wheel arches - no problem. When it came to removing the screws underneath the bumper not a chance as they are all rusted and seized. The fog lights have become misted that's why I'm enquiring.