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Replacing rear axle trailing arm ZC32s

Hi chaps and chapesses,

I occasionally think about buying another accident-damaged 5 door ZC32S (because I can't really afford a clean one), but sometimes come across cars that have had a bump on the rear quarter panel. I don't really care about cosmetics, but was wondering how easy it is to change the rear axle/trailing arm if it's been twisted?

I know on other cars (fiat 500 for example) it's relatively straight forward with the only tricky bit being cutting the hard brake lines.... but don't know about Swifts?

I guess there's always the chance it's been twisted where the bolts bolt into the rear subframe or upper shocker bolt bolt into the rear wheel wells which would be car killer for me (I wouldn't attempt to straighten that out).....

Thanks in advance

Its not something I have ever needed to do but the trailing arm is held on to the 'chassis' by one big bolt on each side.

So in theory you could undo those two bolts and the shock absorber top mounts and the whole axle would come off. I suspect the trailing arm bolts are tightened to some ridiculous torque so unless you are up on a ramp getting enough leverage would be a challenge.

You wouldn't need to cut brake lines, the swift has 6 flexy hoses, two of which are under the back axle so would just need undoing. Then it would be abs senders, handbrake cables and stand out of the way so it doesn't fall on you!

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