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Rough Idle Revs going up and Down includes FIX


Before and after the fix
Pictures of eratic revs vs pic two when all fixed .. The car is brilliant Fast again OMG ! She’s quick ( Also note once fully re-assembled the car I reset the ECU ) My method was switch on headlights disconnect battery wait 10 mins reconnected the battery and started engine again with NO throttle pedal and waited 10 mins then went for a spin very very little smoke from cleaner came out which was nice ..

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Chris Cawston has reacted to this post.
Chris Cawston

That’s all folks

Hope helps someone ( such a difference ) It like the day I bought it !! Such a great cheap fix ( car is 7 years old but only 44,000 )

Cleaning throttle body and MAF might have helped a bit but pipe was totally gone as you can see


Here she is

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Great little writeup mate, good job 👍

Nice one Dean, well done mate 😁

Thats great, thank you so much! Mine has this exact problem - glad the fix is so cheap!

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Dean Nutting

Hey Chris glad helped you on this not scary fix to do is it …
Was it like a different car afterwards it’s like got 30bhp more ?? ….made such a difference to mine ( unless all my cleaning MAF and a throttle body did the job )

Just got my Bluetooth issue on Head-unit to resolve now…