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Sat Nav update guide.


Here is the link taken from Facebook.

Here's how you do it:

Update or add new Maps to your Sat Nav / GPS for free

Stuart Cullen

Nice find.

Have you done it? Im not very tech savvy so dont want to brick my unit.

No, I haven't done mine. At the moment I'm just not that bothered about it !

Owned my Swift for just over a month now.

Last week the Sat Nav flashed up 'update required' or something along those lines.

I thought, can't be arsed with that and clicked remind me in 28 days.

At least when it next pops up I will have a starting point of what to do.

Like Jason I am not very tech savvy. Also living in Jersey there isn't that much need for Sat Nav.

As I only just picked up my new Swift yesterday, I too am wondering about the updating procedure. It's easy enough to plug my portable Garmin Into my desktop PC and update the unit from the Garmin website, but as I've never had a built In sat nav In a car before I havn't got a clue 🙁

Thanks for the link Mark, just what I needed mate, some simple Instructions 👍

Hi guys.

I've just tried to update my built In sat nav In my Swift Sport by following the simple Instructions from the link given by Mark Gibbon. Basically, It's In 2 parts. The first part was to up date the software. This part of the process went through with no problems whatsoever. However, when I tried to update the maps I couldn't do It without paying £70 for the privilege. Is this normal to pay for built In car sat nav updates? Surely there must be a way to get a free map update. Advice please guys 👍

Either try following Uruk Hai link in first post for free update.

Or go with the official link I posted which has a charge.

I haven't updated mine yet as living in Jersey (9 miles x 5 miles) I don't need sat nav. If I visit UK or France I will be sure to update via official site.

Thanks for the reply Mark 👍