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Sat Nav update guide.


I've just bought a Swift with built in sat nav but no SD comes with it. What do I need to do to get it working?

Hi Howard, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

Has your Swift got the standard Garmin unit Installed? If It has, the first thing you will need to do Is to buy a blank SD card. Here Is a guide that tells you how to update the unit :

Ps : This guide Is for the ZC32

It's got the Bosch system in it, don't know what software it uses, I've been on eBay etc looking for SD cards from £30 upwards, some want to know where the car was built or year. It was registered in December 2018.The booster jet model

Howard why don't you try the 33 section you might have a bit more luck. 👍

Uruk Hai, I take it that is that cars model, there is little in the reg doc except CZ_T boosterjet

Hi Howard.

ZC33 Is the latest model of the Swift Sport. ZC32 was the previous model 👍

Your 33 should have came with a memory card installed...