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Scottland to London with 1 tank. Indicated mpg vs real

Just came back from driving the NC500, what a road. Finally managed to give the car some beans. What a little cracking machine this is. Perfect car for NC500.

On the way back managed to achieve 385 miles out of 38l of fuel (Tesco 95). (Cruise set to 70, gps speed all the way home) which works out to be 46 mpg. Car indicated 48.9 which is not bad.

Based on previous calculations indicated mpg is way off (15%) using 99 RON, and less off with 95 RON (6-8%)

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46 mpg sounds about right to me as well. But It's always good to see some figures to prove It though 👍

I Drive from Invergordon to Ayrshire (144 miles) averaging 54mpg. Fuel economy seems alot better than I expected with mine.

Are you using a spreadsheet on your phone to keep note? Great Idea

Can't find a way to PM on here - @kendawgmiyagi do you live in Invergordon? If so is it at all possible for me to maybe come see your swift and have a chat about it? I'm looking to buy but the nearest ones I can see are in Aberdeen area so can't really find out much about them - small world but I live just up the road from Invergordon!

Apologies mate, I bought mine in Invergordon a few weeks ago. Furthest North I've been, lovely part of the world up your way. Some incredible beaches. Im based in Ayrshire so would be a bit of a drive for you to come and see mine but your more than welcome.