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Scratched interior door handle

So i recently travelled from Edinburgh to Dorset and back with my mate for a stag weekend and ubfortunately he managed to make his interior door handle look like someone attacked it with a saw with his watch on the 900 miles of driving i did.

At work now but will post pictures when im back home.

Would i be able to sand it down and polish it or am i better of buying a new unit?

Would recommend sanding it down and wrapping/PlastiDip/Spraying both door handles to match them up?

Hi Jason. Any news on the door handle? Did you refurb It or replace with new 🤔

I ended up just leaving it for the moment ,I'm going to probably end up buying a new one online and have a go at fitting it myself when i can really be bothered.

They seem to be selling them for really cheap on ebay.

To be honest Jason I think that I would buy a new handle as well. When It's done please post a couple of pics showing the handle before and after the change over 👍

Ok so I'm reviving this thread for some advice , I bought this recently but I'm not the most savvy person when it comes to anything remotely technical so from anyone that knows would you say it's a doable job for me or should I pay someone who knows what they are doing?

If so any idea what I can expect to pay?

I'm also getting a bit of rattle from that same door card so maybe have a look at that at the same time?

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Hi Jason.

It entirely depends on how confident you feel about doing It yourself. Personally speaking though, I'm not very handy with cars so I would take the car to my local mechanic who only charges about £25 per hour for labour compared to Suzuki's £80 or more. I'm sure that there are many people on this forum who would feel confident about doing this job themselves to save money. But like I've already said, personally speaking I wouldn't 🤔

Is it metal or plated? Got to be worth sanding and polishing before considering replacement!