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Hi guys totally new to the susuki swift sport world had mine for around 6 months...I own a zc31s... To cut a long story short my standard bucket seats are tatty with a rip in the drivers side... Ive been offered some newer model seats but are 30mm wider on the bottom rails is there any conversion kits available thanks 👍🏽

Sorry antony but I would be very doubtful.

The seats on the zc32s are slightly wider on the bolsters aswell so would probably be a very tight fit even if the rails could be adapted.

Strangely enough the seats are the same width it's just the runners 🤔

Hi Antony, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

And regarding your question about the seats. I've personally never heard of anybody putting ZC32 seats In a ZC31. Why not start off by giving your local Suzuki dealer a ring and asking for their opinion. That's what I would do anyway.


Did you have any luck fitting the zc32 seats in your zc31? Would be very interested I knowing if it's doable. Just got a zc31 and my seat has a whole in.