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Seized brake calliper

Hi guys, I own a 2015 Z32 which recently got a fresh set of EBC free stuff pads and discs. Whilst installing the mechanic said that my right calliper was seized however he beat it out, regreased and put back in. I still think it is SeiZed as a slight burning smell is noticed upon braking. Any help or advice will be appreciated as I can't find a calliper for the car

Go for a ride, try not to break hard much, when u stop touch the alloys and compare temperatures. if its hot one side than break is seized.

Im not an expert, this happened with my old car.

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It could just be the paint on the new pads and factory anti corrosion grease getting hot for the first few miles but as the poster above has said test for heat after a drive.

You can - carefully - put your hand through the wheel towards your suspect brake and you will feel excessive heat before actually touching anything. You can flick a bit of water on the disc or even spit on it! If it is really hot it will sizzle

Brakes can sieze in two ways. The piston can sieze in the caliper, usually the simple fix though not cheap is to replace the whole caliper. A much more common problem is the sliding pins that the caliper is mounted on corrode and get stuck. If you live somewhere where there is lots of salt on the roads in winter (I do!) then its very worthwhile routine maintenance to free off these floating pins after every winter. New pins are £20ish per caliper.

You didn't say if it was the front or rear that you thought was hot. If its the rear could it be the hand brake mechanism? Maybe one of the hand brake cables is partially siezed.

If you still think its getting hot after another drive and you are not a DIY type then you'll have to ask your garage to look at it again.

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Echo everything said above, I done my own on 16 Z32 just recently as had an advisory on MOT for rear nearside caliper not being fully effective.
Had bought Brembo and done t however minor defect on one pad an had jammed slightly in caliper so not 100% working.
As car is 4 years old went down road of discs and pads all round and a wee fluid flush too, brakes work so much better now. If your OK with spanners follow Bill's guidance as it's spot on. If not too sure/ keen get good trusted mechanic as it's brakes and alway better stopping you when their meant to. There is a good detailed Youtube video too just search Suzuki Swift rear caliper repair, a good how to and shows how his works. I have all the tools, stuff like proper grease for slider pins and wire brushes for drill to clean all aspects of calipers, also done this a few times on other cars.
Best of luck and hope it gets fixed soon.

I know there is/was a recall for rear calipers and while yours as a 2015 may have already had any work done it might be worth investigating that ?

Let us know how you get on and good luck. 👍

The recall was called, Cylinder Set Recall. I know this because while I was enquiring about my cars service history the recall just came up on the service record.

I rebuilt both rear calipers on my 2013 Sport a few weeks back. Because they are aluminium corrosion tends to build up in the recess that the seal sits in and partially seizes the caliper. The bonus from doing this is I'm seeing another 3-4mpg and the handbrake is now amazing, easily the best handbrake I have ever experienced on a car with handbrake type calipers.

I strip my calipers front and rear mechanically every year, paint and grease too keep them clean and free I had probs when first acquired with rear caipers sticking.