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Selling my 65 plate ZC32

Hi guys.

As recently mentioned on this forum, I've decided to sell my beloved 2015 Suzuki Swift Sport for something a little bit bigger. We have recently become grandparents and the Swift Is just too small.

So I've decided to advertise my car on the SSSOC just to see If I get any Interest. The car has a FSH and has just clocked up 43k.

I've decided to sell Suzy for £6000 which I think for the condition and extended warranty Is a fair price. Also Included In the price will be the remainder of a 3 year private warranty that I took out 18 months ago when I purchased the car. So at this present time there Is about 17 months remaining.

The car has just had a full service last month In November and the MOT expires In late March 2021. The car has also had 4 new Tyres fitted earlier In the year as well as a new battery.

Here are a few pics of Suzy, but to be honest, they don't really do the car justice.

So If anybody Is Interested please just drop me an email at :

Cheers lads 👍

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Car now sold 😢