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So one of the things that kindoff gets on my nerves is the yellow sidelights with the white xenon headlights.

Is there any legal bulbs out there that match the colour of the xenon's whilst not just being legal but also not being a nuisance to other drivers coming the other way.

I can see bulbs online but just wanted to know from your own experience or take on it is?

Hi do you mean the side indicator lights..? Type into fleabay Suzuki swift sequential dynamic..plug an play..


Just been reading your post on bulbs, I was thinking exactly the same, stock bulb looks crap compared to HID, and wondering if you got any replacements.

I have been looking at 'Osram Cool Blue INTENSE W5W 501 Halogen 12V Sidelight Bulbs' for £5.25 on ebay, and also 'PHILIPS W5W WHITE VISION SIDELIGHT BULBS' for £4.50, both look good quality.

Kind Regards


I had the same issue. Sidelights just look wrong compared to HID Xenons.
I got some led sidelight bulbs from Eurocarparts. Not sure if they are legal (even though newer cars have LED bults as standard these days) but it passed the last 2 mots at the dealers no problems.
The sidelights aren't really that brighter just a lot whiter and match the headlights really well.

These are what I used in my Sport the 4000K's are spot on colour for the HID's, they also fit the interior map lights and number plate lights, not the cheapest bulbs but long lasting my first set was bought in 2013 and are still going strong.

If you like a blue'ish white they are avalable in 6000K too.

Thank you for the replies, it's a shame the LED bulbs are not legal when newer car's have them as running lights, I had a Toyota with them, but they turned off automatically when the headlights we're on. I'm just wary of having a bump and some insurance assessor or police picking up on them. I know from experience they can be right awkward.

They better not check mine out as I've these super bright Philips LED's in the main beams...burn your eyes out stuff.

Take a look at the Osram 2850WW-02B LED Premium Retrofit.

Pretty close in colour temp to the HID headlights.

Fitted since 2017 and went through 1st MOT 2019.

For those that have fitted the Osram 2850WW-02B LED bulbs, do they flicker at all ?

Also, which is the right colour for the ZC32S headlights - 4000k (Warm White) or 6000K (Cool white) ?

I have some LED side lights fitted but they flicker. I don't know which ones they are but happy to replace with the above Osrams if they are better