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Somewhat strong smell after driving car hard


I know some have had some nasty stone chips on here. Including myself.

But, I don't think the paint is any worse than any other car I've ever owned.

Quote from Nick Humber on July 22, 2020, 9:56 am

Yes paint is totally crap. Mine is covered in chips and scratches

I think the paint that Suzuki uses Is crap across their whole range of cars. I've got a 65 plate ZC32 and the paint Isn't great on that either 🙄

My son has a 1.0 boosterjet in black and its covered in dents... There is one on the ps door where he softly lent back on it and it creased where
the line is... I measured the thickness of the panels and without the paint it must be less than 0.6mm.. maybe 24 gauge without paint in places..
We all know its all about weight with this car so perhaps suzuki just lightly dusted the paint to save weight..
I got hold of a 33s front wing the other day and folded it easily into a square with my hands...
But if you go on youtube an search new suzuki swift crash test its the EURO NCAP video and they are still very safe strong cars..

I suppose at the end of the day It's all to do with saving money. Suzuki cars are undoubtedly safe and reliable but fall a bit short with build quality and paint. Although saying that I've definitely had a lot worse In the past.

how did we go from strong smell after driving hard to paint issues?
i was mostly interested in the smell due to my dealer has tried different scenarios on my car with 6000km

Lol that would be my fault sorry. I was just raising my only concerns since buying the car.

But I'm booking a service soon and I'll update you if I receive any word on the cause of the smell

Sorry Ruben didn't know it was a crime to talk about paint.. once again sorry for any upset caused...

Pretty sure it's the brakes. Have the same issue and the smell is definitely coming from the wheels and not the engine.