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space saver


I know this is not glamorous or performance orientated!

I started thinking about a space saver as soon as I bought the car as I don't like not having one. In my part of the world if the bottle of goo doesn't get you home it would likely be a 2 hour wait for the AA.

One of the other threads about 15 inch rims got me thinking and measuring so I bought one off Ebay for less than £30.

A 15 inch space saver from a Mazda with a 115/70 tyre fits in the boot and onto the back of the car. I didn't try fitting it onto the front, I figured that in the event of a front puncture I would put the space saver on the back and the wheel from the back on the front. Its probably a bit less insecure handling and traction wise that way round anyway.

The Mazda wheel has a different centre bore but spigot rings are £5 for 4 from Ebay which solves the issue as a get you home measure.

The wheel does not sit flat in the boot which requires a bit of fiddling about because the boot floor has half of a wheel recess but is shaped to go around the exhaust system.

Step 1 was to drill one hole in the floor for a lashing eye. Less than £5 (Ebay again) for a stainless one. The wheel can then be strapped down using the lashing eye and one of the child seat fastenings on the seat back - probably not super crash worthy but better than nothing and it stops it rattling about. There is even some handy space around the edge for bits and bobs.

I cut some foam blocks (Ebay again) to the same angle as the angle which the wheel is sitting at. Some double sided tape stops them moving around and some skateboard grip tape makes them look finished and grips the underside of the boot floor covering a bit better.

The boot floor needed trimming an inch or so but then rests perfectly in its new position.

It is on a slope which might not be ideal for some but it would be fairly easy to mount the space saver flat (with the foam blocks under it to fill in the half recess) and then make a new boot floor with a step over the wheel to avoid covering the speaker grills.

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Mark Gibbon

Great job mate 👍

I'll have to get one that size...I don't mind running about Fife without one, but when I do longer journeys its better to be safe than sorry.

Seems daft to me why car manufacturers are phasing out spare wheels In their cars. One can only assume that It's to save money 🤔

...saves them money, costs us more 🙄

I'm lucky in respects that if I get a puncture I know a recovery guy so I get picked up anywhere around my local area for like 20 quid. Plus theres a couple mobile tyre fitters local to me. Last time I got a puncture was a year ago in my Ibiza...cop waved me through a crash debris field. Got home a mile later and you could hear air pissing out the tyre. I was not a happy bunny 😡 Managed to get it repaired for a tenner so happy days...if I had to get a new tyre Fife Constabulary would have got the bill 😆

It looks like a snug fit in there. Do you think it's a maximum size space saver we can fit in the boot? I was thinking of 125/70/16 from SX4, but dunno now.

Outer diameter of 115/70/15 space saver is 534mm.
Outer diameter of 125/70/16 space saver is 582mm.

Do you think one can fit 48mm more?

I did try the 16 inch space saver out of the other half's SX4 and it defo doesn't fit, its a 135/90. There are however 15 inch one's around with 135/70 tyres which would go in. If I was buying again I would go for one of those and it would gain you about 10mm radius.

For the weight weanies out there the net gain is 8kg - the pump and bottle of goo, now ejected, are 2kg, the space saver 10Kg.

Anecdotally I've heard that if you use the bottle of goo there is a 50-50 chance it will kill the TPMS sender inside the wheel. They are £45 each.

Got myself a 125/70/15 space saver from Toyota. Unfortunately, it did not clear the rear callipers, even though parameters were ok (5x114,3; 60,1mm). Probably now will be looking for a 115/70/15 from Mazda, same as you have.

Have you actually tried driving with it? Does it surely fit?

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Hi Valo. Sorry for the slow response, too much rain to be messing with wheels!
Bad luck on that hassle!
The Mazda one definitely fits and does not scrape the brakes. It looks utterly ridiculous but if it gets me home.....
Engraved on it - M26 15x4T Y21.05
This might be something to do with the shape of the rim?
Good luck.

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Hi bill rawles. Thanks a lot for info, your swift looks great. Will get one from Mazda then!

Finally got myself a 115/70/15 Mazda's space saver. It fits!!! So happy to have a spare 😀
Now will have to come up with a way to fix it nicely in the boot.

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