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spare tyre

hi everyone, we have a 2016 swift sport (and very nice to)with it we have a tyre repair kit is it possible to have a spare wheel.If it is what size do i need as our whees are 17"can i use a smaller wheel ?

Hi Steve.

Welcome to the forum and I hope you are enjoying your SSS. Its a bit quiet here sometimes but someone usually comes along with something useful after a day or two!

Regarding your spare wheel have a look on page 2 of the zc32 'mods' section, there is a space saver thread there.


Hi Steve, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

Hi Steve, I own a 2021 sss, & only came with puncture repair kit like yours. I went & bought a aftermarket 17" wheel with tyre, but doubt I'll ever need it!
I'm in Australia have driven my sss 6,000km's in just over a month, not one flat, I also own & ride a Motor Bike that I have never had a flat tyre since owning it. I think a spare just something to make you feel good, but takes up too much room in a sss plus extra weight. just join a road service.
Also to answer you Question if you can carry a smaller wheel, hard question, but I would not recommend that as it is possible the side u fit smaller wheel too could touch the ground ( unless the smaller wheel had a Tyre fitted that had same rolling diameter as wheels & tyres fitted to the car. ) but in that case the spare will not be easy to carry in the car, unless you fold rear seat forward.

thanks all for your reply