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Sport Mats

What are people's opinion on the sport mats i.e are they worth the upgrade over the standard swift mats? can't work out why they are 80 quid

Interested to know as well. Just got a Swift Sport myself and was shopping for mats, ended up going with a third party to see how it goes.

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I got genuine Suziki 'Sport' mats for my 33S and couldn't be more happy with them. They fit perfect and are really high quality. I'll be getting a Monster Sport alloy heel plate and foot rest cover to finish off the interior soon. I still might go full bore and get a Beatrush alloy floor looks cool but probably a bit much for a daily 🤣

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Are you guys talking about carpet mats or rubber.

I was on about the carpet mats...☺

Just had a reply back from suzuki shop....

The quality of the mats are the same, the only difference is the stitching and the sport logo.