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Steering Column

Hello guys.

Yesterday I was checking the brake pedal, and I've noticed that it was greasy...

After some visual inspection I've found that some oil was accumulated around this bolt, which is from steering column (as you can see in the attached photos).

I couldn't find the main reason for this leakage, everything around the bolt was dry (includind this green bearing). My steering feeling is completely normal and I can't hear no weird noises/rattles.

Does anyone knows what can it be? Do I need to worry or replace this entire part?

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It is probably just a random blob of grease from manufacturing. I just had a look at the hinges and pivots on my pedals and there is a surprising amount of grease around from when the car was built.

Is it definitely oily rather than brake fluid? There is just a chance that your brake master cyclinder is leaking internally and the fluid is finding its way through the bulkhead on the pedal pushrod and then dripping down onto where you found it. Check your fluid levels and keep a very close eye on it or get it checked out.