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Swift 2019

Hi everyone!

Just bought a 2019 Swift Sport. I'm a lover of Alfa Romeo and have a 155bhp Mito but I find that the Sport gives a run for its money!

Where would you start tuning the Swift?

Many thanks for your help.


Welcome to the forum mate 👍

CTC Performance would be the guys to talk to, with an intake, exhaust and a remap from them you're talking around 180bhp. Then with that and intercooler and high flow cat/downpipe your up to around 195bhp and then if you have the balls and money, you can go up to around 220bhp with their uprated turbo and clutch! 🤩

Hi Stephen, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

And as Moyz said, CTC Performance are the guys to talk to about anything Swift related 👍