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Swift Sport trackday car

Now i just have to buy a trailer but wanted to know what it would look like.

Pocket rocket must fly.Nicework.

It took me a little while but got my drivers licence and I bought a trailer.

Next week will be the next time i will go to the track. That is going to be the last time this year. Because the track will be clossed for updates for the f1 race.

After that i will be taking out more weight of the car. And perhaps more updates later on but not sure about that.

At the and of last year i bought a Mfacrory lsd for the swift.

Next week i will start the process of putting it in.

Also doing some maintenance to get the car ready for the upcoming season of track driving.

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It took a little while but the Mfactory diff is in and track tested.

I'm really impressed by the amount of cornering grip the car has right now.

What's next i don't know. I do have future plans but no money for the project at the moment. So for now just enjoy the car the way it is.