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Thinking of switching to a Swift Sport

Hello all

I did post on here last year but I can't seem to find the post I put up.

Basically I had a Honda Integra DC5 which at the time had just had a replacement engine, I was therefore on the lookout for a Swift Sport, preferably a 2012 onwards model as I like the idea of 6 gears, Sat Nav and it's a prettier car. I contacted numerous garages at the time frantically seeing if anyone would take the Integra in against a Swift but sadly I had no luck, in the end I found a garage that was willing to take it in plus give me some cash against a very tidy low mileage Clio 182.

Now I've had the Clio since February and bar the horrible seating position and even more horrible standard steering wheel, it's actually a very nice car to drive and the little I've had it out on some decent roads, it's felt very good and the chassis is clearly excellent. It's not as quick as the DC5 in terms of outright pace but it's not far off either.

My dilemma is that I am still pining for a Swift Sport and I'm contemplating selling the Clio to get one. I do worry I will miss the power plus a part of me feels I've not given the Clio a chance yet, I really enjoy driving it but something is eating away at me about the Swift and I am desparate to try one. I know realistically it would be a MK2 Swift as the Clio is worth about 4-5k (They are increasing in value) so I probably wouldn't be able to get a 2012 model onwards at this time.

Is it worth keeping it for now or for a year and then go for a Swift, or should I get it sold now and swap?

Hi Marc.

I can't really comment about the Clio but I can certainly recommend the Swift Sport. And personally speaking I would sell the Clio and buy a Sport. Why, because In over 40 years of driving I just don't like French cars. But that's just me.

I bought my ZC32 about a year ago and I've had no problems whatsoever. The car has only covered 41k and all I've replaced Is the battery and the tyres. The car Is so reliable It's unbelievable. And like you said, having the sixth gear Is great, especially when motorway driving.

I could literally waffle on all day on how good the ZC32 Is, but at the end of the day It's your choice Marc on whether to keep the Clio or to sell It. But please let us know about what you decide on 👍

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Hi Marc

As Marc above has said the ZC32 is a brilliant car from my experience possibly best car I've owned in terms of reliability and handling. Three years and 36000 miles of trouble free motoring no complaints at all. It has a few rattles and creaks but the sheer joy of handling makes up for it. The Swift isn't the fastest but handling wise I ever had out the box.
Had a Clio Cup back in the day as courtesy liked it but wouldn't buy. Had a Megane MK1 Coupe at time and in under warranty , collected a Saturday after work and workshop foreman there working on his said was biggest mistake he'd made was the biggest POS ever in hos opinion. Never ever thought about a performance Clio since.
Suppose if your happy with the Clio what are you missing in it, consider cost to change etc. I know boring but have in past changed for changes sake and lived to regret it. BMW M1 is primne example of this.
Where are you and can you get local dealer with one to test drive? If so see how it stacks up against the Clio and then think about what you want/ need.
Ask away if you want hope can help answer anything.