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Torque Settings for ZC32S

Hi All,

I have searched the internet but can't find any reference to torque settings for the Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S/ZA32S).

I am particularly interested in the torque settings for the brake caliper bolts but a full list would be useful for future reference.


Just a thought. Have you tried phoning a Suzuki main dealer? That's Is where I would start.

The PDF workshop manual for the previous generation (ZC31) pinned in the files section of this site (or is it the SSS facebook site?), has torque settings for most things, and in many cases the underlying mechanicals are very similar between the ZC31 and the ZC32.

I'm looking to replace the front discs and service the callipers on my ZC32, and the parts and procedures look to be almost identical, so am going to use the torque settings from the ZC31 manual.

Sadly for newer cars most tech workshop manuals are only available online via manufacturer subscription sites (expensive), or via subscription software (again requiring licences from manufacturers).

Maybe as the cars age, manufacturers may eventually release the workshop manuals in a more widely accessible way, but I'm not holding my breath!!

Let us know if you find a good source of reliable torque settings for the ZC32S/ZA32S.