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TPMS where to buy


Antone know where to get replacement sensors for 2015 sport and costs included do they need cloning or are they plug and play etc...

The Suzuki part number for the genuine ones is


Genuine parts ones are plug in and play, they don't need coding.

There are various aftermarket ones if you search around for them - can't comment on the quality as I grimaced at the price and bought OEM!

As above 👆

Hi Bill,

Thanks for info , so i take it they just auto configure when you replace the old one ?


Mine did - they just work.

I have a second set of wheels with winter tyres on and the car does not require any setting up swopping between them.

I used these on my winter wheels Mick: They come pre-coded - just plug and play. No issues in two years of use so far.

Andy so you just had them installed and run them and they synced ???


Yes Mick - no need to do anything. Fitted them, popped wheels on the car and everything worked fine immediately. Not even any need to drive a mile or too - the ecu picked them up straight away 🙂

I think you were lucky there Andrew. Because I've recently had 4 new Tyres fitted to my ZC32 and for the next few hours the TPMS warning lamp was continuously Illuminated. And then suddenly It just went out 🤔

Not sure about luck Marc. I spoke to them before ordered the sensors and they told me that they were compatible with all Suzuki's required TPMS installation, re-learn, and verification functions.