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Trailing Arm Bushes

Hi - the car's three and a half years old and as per my other posts it's had a rear ARB, been mapped and has braided lines and better pads.
A few months ago I got the dreaded Suzuki creak from the rear - if I covered the trailing arm bushes in silicone spray I'd have a few days peace but it got to the stage where it was becoming a joke - like a creaky gate...people were starting to point and stare and laugh!!!
Decided to go the Powerflex route on the basis that if they were rubbish they're easy to take out and replace. Read many reviews which were very mixed.
Getting the old ones out was the hard part - hoped I'd be able to do them one at a time in situ but ended up taking the axle off.
Whole palaver took about 5 hours start to finish of which probably 3 1/2 was getting the old stuff out and the rest putting it back together, bleeding brakes etc.
Anyway, no more creaks, no increase in noise, vibration or harshness and I reckon it's improved things to a noticeable degree but I guess if the old ones weren't working properly they would do, wouldn't they - but it's better than it's ever been in my ownership.
They're supposed to last forever but even if they only last as long as the OEM stuff, they'll be a doddle to change next time.
Would recommend.