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Tyre recommendations


Hi guys,
I have needed some new tyres for a while now on my 2015 swift sport. I was thinking about Continental contact 5 tyres which are quite expensive but should be really good? If anyone has these, are they any good? If anyone else has some recommendations for any others please tell me below?

If u want the best go for Michelin PS4, I paid 250(fully fited at ats) for a pair was good deal. My best upgrade so far.

Unless you are really really on a budget stick with the OEM Continentals or upgrade to Michelin Pilot Sports. Why buy a great handling car then dumb it down with second rate tyres!

Thanks guys. I wasn't thinking about the Michelin Ps4, so i'm guessing you would highly reccomend those?

Another recommendation here too for Michelin Pilot Sports 👍

Continentals are terrible 😬 The Sport 5's are a step down from the Sport 3's in every way... they wear like butter and grip like a budget tyre.

Another vote for PS4's here... I dont have them fitted yet, but been in my mates Swift who had them on and it was stuck to the road like glue 😅

Thanks guys. Look like you all made my decision easier 🙂

We have always used Falken tyres on ours and they've always worn evenly with the PSI decreasing in equal amounts all around the car. They are neither the cheapest nor most expensive tyres but they're great for our day to day use. Not sure how they would fare if you like to push yours a bit but that's what we use our bike for! 😁

They are very expensive, but I have 4x Michelin PS4's on mine and have no complaints. I would say finding tyres for the Swift Sport is probably one of the few downsides to owning one. The unusual size means there are way fewer tyre options to pick from, and stock is often low.

Also Josh, If you're on a budget mate, Falkern Tyres are quite good. I've used them numerous times on different cars and never had any problems with them 👍