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Hi All,

its that dreaded time now... new tyres!

Last time the fronts needed to be replaced, so just replaced with the conti's that were already on, but now i need all 4. The conti's are coming at at least £100 a tyre fitted which is at lot. Plus with my commute, they just dont last long, the fronts only around 13k.

Has anyone tried any other tyres/brands/sizes, which are good value and quality?

Hi Joe.

I've recently replaced all 4 corners on my ZC32 and I opted for the standard 195/45/r17 Falkens. I've used Falken Tyres for many years on different cars and I have never had any problems whatsoever. And they are also a lot cheaper than the top premium brands. By memory I think I paid well under £300 as well 👍

I'd go for Goodyear Eagle F1's 👍 And screw the standard 195 size, get 205's

I would take care the arches are ok with that under full load and that it does not adversely affect the overall gearing. You will definitely need to tell your insurer about the "modification".

Just noticed that 205's are £10 per corner cheaper so not to be sniffed at.

With regards to sizing and fitting a 205 to the Swift, is this with a 45 or 40 profile?

45 will raise the car by 4.5mm due to the increased rr, and put the speedo out by -1.46%

40 will lower the car by -5.75mm and put the speedo out by +1.93%

All figures from

If you plan to use the same brand of tyre then the 40's will produce a harder ride but possibly a sharper turn in.

It could well be that Suzuki have judged the tyre size correctly for the country it is being sold. Bearing on mind our pot holed roads, 45's may well be correct.

The standard profile is 45, so having 205/45/17 tyres will have no effect on the gearing.

The standard 195 tyres are stretched on ever so slightly. The wheel will take a 205 no bother and gives you an extra 10mm of tread width meaning more traction on all corners.

I beg to disagree.

There seems to be a common misconception that a tyre’s profile is measured in the same way as it’s width, i.e., in mm. That is not correct. The profile is a percentage of the tyre’s width so profile of a 195/45 is 45% of 195mm. That equals 87.75mm in height but a 205/45 tyre is 92.25mm. It’s not much but it changes the circumference so will affect gearing.

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David George

I'd live with being out 1mph at 70 for the added benifit of more grip, but each to their own ☺