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Does anyone know how accurate the speedo is anyway?

I've always stuck to the manufacturers Tyre size recommendations for all my cars. That's why I've just fitted 4 standard 195's to my Swift Sport 🙂

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David George

I just tested the speedo against my GPS (not sure how accurate that is 🤔) and found the following...

40mph on the dial and cruise control: 38mph on the gps

60mph etc: 58mph on the gps

70mph etc: 68mph on the gps

Dunno how much use this is to anyone but its the kinda dumb crap I like doing 🤣

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David GeorgeJames

I suppose tyre wear of a few millimetres is going to mean going slower than the speedo reading.

Tyre pressure too 👍

Quote from Moyz on February 12, 2020, 7:12 pm

I'd live with being out 1mph at 70 for the added benifit of more grip, but each to their own ☺

I would be interested to drive two cars back to back to establish if there is any perceived increased in grip, I wouldn’t be too happy about it raising the car 4.5mm but with a suspension kit I think the wider tyres would be a better choice.

Quote from Ken Foxcroft on February 12, 2020, 3:24 pm

If you plan to use the same brand of tyre then the 40's will produce a harder ride but possibly a sharper turn in.

It could well be that Suzuki have judged the tyre size correctly for the country it is being sold. Bearing on mind our pot holed roads, 45's may well be correct.

The tyre size would have been chosen taking many factors into the equation, I think in some countries the Swift comes with a smaller wheel size due to road quality. We get a 195/45 and I think it’s a great balance for the size and weight of the car. I’ve had 40s in other cars and they are quite unforgiving!


Have you fitted 205s to your car? I'm looking for new tyres and if we can fit 205s on, I'd much prefer to do that!



Not yet but when I get new wheels I'm undecided wether to go for 205/45's or 215/40's 🤔

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what is important is the tires diameter. never go higher than stock but a bit lower is ok. check out Tire Rack USA , every tire has all the specs you need.

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