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It has been some time since the matter of replacement tyres came up so I thought I would revive it. I am doing this because I am getting a little tired of the noise level of the Contis on some surfaces. Yes the ride can be trying at times but the Sport is a sharp handling machine and you have to accept that to some degree. I certainly don't want the handling compromised.

I have read quite a bit about options but those reviews are usually on completely different cars to the Sport so are not a lot of use.

I think most of our cars started life on the Contis. What has been people's experience of replacements?

Further, my car has only 700 miles on it and if I could find a worthwhile replacement for the Contis then I would want something for them in part ex. What has been people's experience of this as I am not going to give them away.

When i changed to 16" summer wheels i went with Dunlop Sport bluresponse. (Not sure if it is available in 195 45 r17)Despite being about a decade old design it still seems to get good ratings and was the lightest sporty tyre in my size. No complaints from me, seems to be very good all round. Tyre noise isnt something that generally bothers me so can't really compsre them on that front.

TBH i have never heard of part exchanging tyres before.

I found the Conti's to be utter trash... the Eagle F1 A/S 5's I'm running now are superb 🥰

Xu5 - I have never heard of part ex either but dealers must get their part worns from somewhere.Scrap cars maybe?

Moyz - I've had F1's as well on another car and thought they were excellent but I know tyres behave differently on differently cars so that is good to hear.

When dealers sell a new car and the customer wants winters or all seasons supplied on it and the customer doesnt want to keep the oem tyres the dealers will keep them. I guess they would then technically used tyres.

A colleague did this when they got a new bmw m135 and wanted all seasons on it. Why he didn't at least keep the oem summers and yry and sell them i don't know. I guess he factored it into the new car purchase deal.

I don't see the dealer just scrapping them, they are quite a costly item especially in premium form.

Something I have just read. The db rating on tyres refers to EXTERNAL noise not internal cabin noise. They will be perceived quite differently. Why they can't measure cabin noise surprises me. Explains some of the anomalies in driver tyre reports.

Anyone tried RE003 on their Swift Sport. I put these on my Octavia RS and was impressed, super sharp handling and good grip.

@foxy, you need to look at installing some sound treatment on the car to help with the tyre noise. My Octavia RS is the same as Swift Sport in terms of sound deadening, it's not a noisy car by design (MQB platform) but noisy due to the lack of sound treatment. I put basic amount of sound treatment in the boot and it help with the noise considerably. I installed a good amount of sound treatment in Swift Sport which managed to bring down the NVH to a similar level as the Octavia.
I also own few C classes on the past, I'm very familiar with one of them since I pull it apart to install audio system, the amount of sound treatment in that car is staggering, layer upon layer on each door, heavy duty sheeting (possibly barium loaded) on the wheel wells, etc, which translate to a very quiet cabin. Those C classes seems unable to differentiate tires brand (in terms of noise), from cheap Kumho, Bridgestone, Pirellis, Falken, Yokohama, Toyo etc, even with 265 wide profile at the back.

Moyz : Did the Contis seem noisy to you and did the F1's help in that area?

Reza : It does seem that you may have nailed it especially about the boot insulation. The car may have been designed with a space saver in the boot because there is a well for one. Replacing it with a kit may have changed the whole natural frequencies in the car letting through excessive tyre noise. What muddies the waters further is that I have the Hybrid model which will be different again.
In my naive way I expected responses along the lines of "I changed to brand x or brand y and it helped reduce the tyre noise level". It seems life ain't so simple.

need two front tyres and going with yokohama.