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The ContactSport5 is known to be loud even with Audi:

I guess with different tyres you could drop few dB's down or at least eliminate the droning noise.

Interesting. Would make 4 points - No one in the thread has said that other tyres are a problem on the Audi, just the Contis.
The Goodyears are recommended, same as on the Swift thread
I wouldn't care if slight under inflation wore them out quicker if they are so bad at full pressure.
If you drive a car for pleasure, it seems daft to endure unsuitable tyres until they wear out.

I am still considering putting sound insulation on the boot space floor. Halfords sell stuff for Β£25 which I think is worth a go. Even if it only quietens the car down a bit, it will be worth it at that price. That wheel well is meant to house a screwed down space saver wheel which would change the natural frequency of the floor itself.

Correction to my earlier post on the Sport Hybrid. The front wheel arches have sound insulation around the whole arch with the plastic liner covering the circular area. So Suzuki have not ignored insulation in that area but the noise gets through quite easily it seems.

@foxy My car is non hybrid version. The car feel exactly how you described, solid. I have a merc in the garage and this little car feels as solid on the road until you knock on the body panels πŸ˜†. Well not anymore since i've done sound deadening, feel and sounded solid, has satisfying thunk when closing the boot lid and doors.
Treating the boot area yield some result but not as apparent after treating the doors (i might make a separate post to show how its done).
Good to hear that they added some sound treatment on the front wheel liner for the hybrid model. I'm thinking of doing the wheel well as well to see if it makes any difference.

I don't know about my doors and I am reluctant to start pulling my new car apart. The door shut on all doors doesn't sound tinny, the hatch slightly so. If anything, it sounds more solid than my wife's latest version Civic. Nevertheless, I think we would all appreciate a post on how you did the doors.
I am perfectly happy about the Swift noise except for the front tyres. I am not aware of any noise from the back tyres. My wif's car is a bit noisy from the rears.

The door panel is not that hard to remove. There are two screws and one pin. For the pin you need to push the middle part inside and then whole clip goes out. If you're planing to keep stock speakers then I would just put some soundproofing mat on the backside of plastic body panels which will absorb/reduce higher frequencies noise:

I think that alot of noise is coming from the windows anyway.

at 975kg the swift is never going to be a quite car but wish they had done a lot more on soundproofing.
some tests from auto express,

SSS up! GT Fiesta 1.0 140PS
Noise/idle/30/70mph 46/68/75dB 46/68/75dB 44/66/73dB

Noise/idle/30/70mph SSS Ibiza 1.0 TSI 115 FR Micra DIG-T 117 N-Sport
46/69/77dB 43/65/75dB 43/66/76dB

a work college has the Ibiza 1.0 TSI 115 FR and and driving it i was like this is a quiet car,
when he drove my SSS he was like why is the car so noisy.

The Hybrid may be a bit quieter because there is some soundproofing on the front wheel arches and the heavy 48v Hybrid battery and dc converter sit on the floor pan. Perhaps someone on here can let us know.

That Micra n-sport is one of the worst cars I have ever driven. It feels really roughly until it has warmed up. As if it is only firing on 3 cylinders. Wait a minute ..........

What this thread highlights is that there must be a market out there for vehicle sound proofers. Particularly vans that do long trips.

EV cars are not much better at higher speeds on average around 70dB

On the face of it, that sounds surprising but at cruising speeds like that, ice engines are pretty quiet. It's the road and wind noise which intrudes. Those both remain with ev cars.