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Paul: Did you get the Yokos in the end?

Yokos being fitted on Friday Ken.


sry for the delay Ken,
I am happy with the yokos they are a bit quieter than the contis but are much better in the wet.
wet weather grip is very good in all the rain we have been having lately.
Will be getting 2 for the rears next month.

Cheers, it sounds as if you have made a good move. I think things will improve with new rears.

Just to add further debate, Mr Saten on Youtube is raving about the Michelin PilotSport 4 tyres on his 33. Worth a read but they are lot more expensove than the Yokos.

From what I can gather whilst shopping tyre for my Octavia RS, if sttering response is the main priority, the Michelin you want to get is Michelin PilotSport 4S instead of PiltoSport 4, as PS4 is supposedly gear more for touring and has softer sidewall (better noise suppresion, smoother ride with the expense of steering response). I went for Bridgestone RE003 instead as it was much cheaper than PS4S, steering is very sharp as RE003 has stiff sidewall.

For daily driver where comfort is the focus, can't go wrong with Michelin PS4, it's a highly rated tyre for a reason.

Reza, That is a very useful bit of information that I was unaware of. I wonder how many people have mixed up the two types and ended up with the wromg ones for themselves. Very expensive mistake as you couldn't take them back.

The problem is that the 4S is not available at 195/45 R17.

For informational purposes the launch dates of the tyres:
Continental SC5: 2011
Michelin PS4: 2016
Yokohama V701: 2016
Goodyear GSD3: 2006

I reccommend the Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S 5 👍

Just as much grip as the PS4, sharper turn in and 100 quid cheaper for a set of 4, cant go wrong 🤟