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Valo's ZC32S from Finland

Quote from Highco on November 27, 2019, 1:27 pm

Also, how many kilo's were towed? 😉

I would say there was about 200kgs in the trailer.

Brake cylinder in one of the rear calipers was not moving freely. Had to fix it and change the rear brake pads.
Installed Ferrodo FDB4430. Pads come nicely with all the accessories.

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Got CUSCO front strut brace. Installation process was not that straightforward, but ultimately I managed to make it fit.
I can definitely feel the effect. Front of the car feels more planted and rigid, especially while cornering or driving over speed bumps.

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Glad you got It sorted Valo. It's always good when a plan comes together. Especially If It wasn't as easy as expected 👍

Got fed up with noises coming from the glove box and fixed it with some noise cancelling material.

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Glad you got It sorted Valo.

My glove box also used to make a noise. So I put some double sided foam around where the door closed. And now, no more rattle 😊

This Is the stuff that I used :

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Rear right brake calliper got completely stuck and destroyed new pads in 3,5 months.

Got a following set installed:
- Rear right brake calliper ABS 740572
- Rear brake disks Bosch 0 986 479 C44
- Rear brake pads ATE 3012 GG

Now both front and rear brakes work perfectly.

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At 146438km serviced the car with:
- Mobil1 ESP 5W-30 engine oil
- OEM oil filter Suzuki 16510-61A31
- OEM pollen filter Suzuki 95860-62J00-000
- Air filter Biltema 32-322 (fits snug into CTC Perfomance intake)

Also noticed that plastic link of xenon height adjustment sensor perished and got broken into half. Unfortunately, Suzuki does not sell those plastic links separately. But after some searching online I found out that Toyota part 48906-35020 might actually fit. And so it did after some trimming.

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Added some sound deadening to the front arches.

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