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Water drip into the engine bay (from windscreen gutter)

I've noticed that water (looks to be from the windscreen gutter) is dripping on the brake fluid reservoir and then continuing down the rest of the engine and on the floor, picking up dirt along the way. Any ideas what this issue is anyone please? You can only notice it drip with the bonnet up, but of course you can see the puddle on the floor.

I think that is just the design of the car. The windscreen, and any water resting on the bonnet when you lift it, drain down the channel that is on the right hand side of the plastic channel under the wiper arms. The water has to go some-where, its just how Suzuki designed it.

Hi Bill, thanks for the reply.

You are correct. I spent at least an hour this morning dismantling the plastic gutter, the metal scuttle plate and wiper arms and the drip channel is just there. I must have never noticed this before, but the car has been standing a while and made a dirty mark on the drive as the water drips down the rest of the engine. Still at least I cleaned it all out. I hope this info help someone else with the same query!

The 18 year old me would be amazed I'm such an anorak!!

Hi David.

I can't say that I've ever noticed this Issue with my ZC32, but thanks for the Info mate!