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Water getting into the boot (56 Plate Swift Sport)

I've been struggling with this for a while, so any ideas will be much appreciated! 😑

Water gets in behind the upper welded in panels, on the drivers side it runs down the small section pictured, on the passenger side I've seen it drip from the small clip hole I've pointed at. The car is parked on a slight slope so the rear end is lower than the front.

So far I've been throwing tiger seal at it and had no luck.

I've sealed:
Small grommet above the rear light clusters.
Between the car body and rear hatch strut mounting plates.
In the bolt holes for the strut mounting plate + used a rubber washer on them.
Body side of the upper wiring/washer fluid grommet.
Hatch side of the upper wiring/washer fluid grommet.
Central grommet on the underside/top of the hatch.
A short run of sealant along the drivers roof rail.

I did tidy up some of the rust on the boot floor so at least the water has somewhere nice to sit now!

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So after a few more suggestions that didn't really get me anywhere I ended up using some flashing (waterproof) tape over different parts to test where it was getting in. This meant I could pool water against the bodywork rather than it just running straight off.

First I put it across the back of the roof rail and poured some water into it, as far as I could tell it was leaking in at the back corner of the roof (where the cracked paint is in the below pic with masking tape on), no water was going down around the boot shut but I could see it leaking inside. So I tried sealing over the cracked paint both sides and dried the boot out. There was a small amount of water in there the next day but I poured, hosed and pressure washed the car down and nothing got in as far as I could tell. Thinking it was the corners of the roof all along I pulled the grommets out that I had sealed up, cleaned the sealant off and refitted. I also undid the boot strut bolts and took off the rubber washers I had tried on them as they were already perishing.

Fired some water at it again and it was getting back in. Resealed around the grommets, tested again, still getting in. Flash taped around the bolt holes and pooled some water in there, leaked in. Went and bought some outdoor frame sealant (silicone based) filled the holes, refitted the bolts and it appears to have cured it.

As far as I can tell the high point on the passenger side where it was getting in (where I'm pointing in the last post) has been cured although I never really got a definitive answer on where that was coming from.

So yeah, if you've got this problem just get some waterproof tape to test everything first properly and save driving yourself insane!

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