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Weird Engine Noise

Hi guys,

Just got a 2014 swift sport and after a few days I noticed a weird, like ticking sound. It’s only there on cold start with the bonnet open and disappears after a few minutes of running stationery or driving.

Went to the garage on saturday and according to them the sound is completely normal.

I’m no mechanic, but it doesn’t sound that nice to be honest.

Could anybody tell me what this sound is and if i’m the only one with this problem?

Thanks a lot!

I think it is normal. Does it drive ok?
it should pull hard up to the red line, with a pleasant 4 pot noise, especially above 4k ... [when engine oil warm of course]

Rick Rietveld has reacted to this post.
Rick Rietveld

It really is driving great and no lights or faults either, therefore i think it’s extra weird.

I think it is ok. When is the car due to have valve clearances checked? I say that because to me it sounds like valve rocker noise especially as it clears once the engine is hot. In most cars these days it is after a fairly high mileage. New engine oil might help but I wouldn't bother until your next service.

Rick Rietveld has reacted to this post.
Rick Rietveld

I dont know when the valve clearances are checked to be honest, the oil was changed when i bought it 2 weeks ago. The car only ran around 62000 miles. The MOT is still valid for another year, so i think i’ll just combine the checkup with the MOT check.