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Weird noises when raining?

Hi fellow Swifters.

I have a question for all you ZC32 owners. Basically, about 3 months ago I bought a 2015 Swift Sport and I have noticed that every time It rains while I'm driving the car there Is a tapping sort of noise coming from the top of both the front windows/roof area. It's like a tapping mettalic sort of noise and It only ever happens when It rains. I was just wondering If this Is common and could maybe be a weird characteristic of the ZC32 Swift Sport.

Thanks guys 🤔

I have something similar that happens occasionally and I think of it as a characteristic of the car, I certainly don't believe it's anything to be concerned about.

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Marc Roberts

Thanks for the Info Uruk Hai 👍

And just to add, I seem to remember watching a review on the ZC32 Swift Sport on You Tube a few months ago while I was looking to buy a new car and the presenter did actually mention that there were weird noises coming from the roof area when It rains. Apart from that all was pretty good. Personally speaking though after giving It some thought, I was just wondering If the roof rack plastic runners are to blame for the weird noises because they really are cheap and flimsy strips of plastic that move and bend at the slightest touch. Definitely the worst quality runners I've ever had on a car 🤔

I haven't noticed the tapping but I have roof bars with a bike fitting on so maybe it is the plastic roof bar covers?

Has anyone else noticed that the wipers run at different speeds depending on whether you are accelerating or decelerating?

I haven't had any experience of the wipers speeding up and slowing down according to throttle position and aim not sure if ifis the roof rail covers. They are very low rent but it sounds a bit further forward to me ?

I also haven't noticed the wiper blades running at different speeds depending on the accelerating or decelerating. But next time Im out In the rain I'll make It a point to check It out 👍