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What spacers to use on 30mm lowered springs?

I'm about to lower the car 30mm on some h and r springs and not sure whether to go with 15mm spacers or 20mm spacers.
Anyone have an idea what I should do?


You don't need to put spacers on the car, you can lower it without. I've lowered 40mm and had no problem with the original wheels. Are you thinking of doing it for aesthetic purposes rather than a functional one?

Hi mate, yeah was thinking more for aesthetic purpose seing as the oem wheels already sit quite far inside the fender.

Well I fitted new wheels after lowering mine and yes you are right the wheels do stick in too much with standard alloys. However I think the standard wheels also look a bit "skinny" so I went for some 1" wider ones which also helped the look. The details of my wheels are: Width 7.5J, Offset 45 with 215/40 tyres. Personally I would say this looks spot on, so if you can work out the offset from my details and find a spacer to suit I would say go for that.