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Wheel alignment

Hi all,

Sorry for the rookie question...

I have a three-door 2013 Sport, which I bought in June 2019.

I'm having constant issues with my wheel alignment. I basically have to go monthly to get it fixed, as it keeps pulling to the right.

I'm also worried about the steering being a bit heavy, especially when cold.

I'm not a very aggressive driver, but the roads do tend to be on the crappier side where I live (Glasgow).

I love the car - just wish it would keep straight!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


Sounds like your bottom balljoint or lower control arm bush is away on one side. Could also be a track rod end...Any decent garage can identify which one, or even yourself if you jack up the car at the front and check all the balljoints/bushes with a pry bar for any movement 👍

...and whoever has been adjusting your tracking should have known this and I personally would not be happy with them (thats if you were paying them of course 😁)

That would make sense, because I can even sometimes hear a bit of crackling when I'm parking.

I am not happy with them haha

Thanks very much! I will look into this.

Creaking and heavy steering is usually bottom balljoints but I'd check everything whilst you're down there (or your mechanic)

As usual some good advice from Moyz.

And I know that It will probably cost, but If I was you I'd get a second opinion from a decent recommended mechanic. Any good mechanic worth his salt probably wouldn't charge you anyway to find the problem, but only to fix It 🤔

Much appreciated! I will try to find someone to look at it this weekend based on this.

Way to go Ploni 👍