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Wheel bolts

Hey guys just had my wheels resprayed in anthracite but the rusty wheel bolts let it down. I don't like the covers available so are there any decent bolts around that won't rust, maybe even a colour that don't cost the earth. Thanks.

The new turbo Swift Sport has wheel bolts that are of a 'chrome' finish. You might be able to get those from Suzuki.

Do you mean nuts?? The 33S has wheel nuts, not bolts.

Not sure about the older models though.

There are loads of options out there...Rays, Project Mu, Buddy Club, Mishimoto etc...just bear in mind what type of 'seat' the nut/bolt has ie; tapered or domed. And even then you get different degrees of taper. Oh, and don't forget to get the right pitch/thread 👍