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Wheel Fitment

Whats the size of the Bola's?...225 seems a bit much for the Swift mate.

7.5x17 225 is in the middle of the recommended fits.

I’d rather a 205 or 215 tyre but the v103 don’t come in that size on 17s

Whats the offset?

I'd be a bit worried about catching the inner arch liner. Will on here has 215's on 7.5j ET45 and its bloody close at that. Mind you if you've not lowered the car and are not planning to it should be alright.

Et42, (that means further out right?)

It’s my daily so lowering is not on the cards at the moment. Want a rear arb that’s the only chassis upgrade I’m going to do for now.

205/45 tyres would closer to the standard tyre diameter and I think v103vs come in this size.

As you say 225/45 will be 0.5" taller sidewall, which is a fair amount. As well as effectively making the final drive gearing taller for slightly slower acceleration,it would raise the car 12.5mm which you may or may not find aesthetically pleasing.

I had to roll rear arches with ET45 7.5J with 215/45/17 so think you might struggle with 225

ok I think I've finally settled on a set up that gives me extra grip but doesn't mean I have to fudge with the car too much.
bola B1 7.5x17 et42 with 205/45/r17 tyres.

This works right?
🙂 🙂

I think CTC ran that wheel and tyre set up on their (lowered) blue demo car at one point with Buddy Club wheels and as far as I know it was fine.

Also post some pics when you get them fitted!

Have 7x17 et45, gona get som sticky tyres for the track,but insurgent if to go 205/45 or 215/45, dont Wanna skruv, on h&r springs

Read Ctc scrubbed 215/45 but with 7,5” and et 42, thinner rims and higher et might make it work?

7j ET45 will be fine for 215/45 👍