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Wheel Fitment

17x7.5 et42 with 195/45r17

Also fits with slightly less sidewall on 205/40r17

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Since the original rims look horrible and will probably end up as winter rims if I don't get hold of a set of cheap ones ( bought the car a week ago with no winter tyres ).

17x7.5" seems to be a good fit, anyone tried on 17x8 or 18x8 rims ? I got two sets of rims from my Evo that I am going to try, but before I dig them out of the garage I thought I would ask if someone already have tried those dimensions. It would be very nice to run my Ultraleggeras 🙂

With 8j's you either be poking out the arches or clipping the struts on the inside 😬

Ok, well I might try it anyway 🙂 Worst thing that happens is that it does not fit.

Quote from Steve Caballero on August 30, 2020, 2:09 pm

17x7.5 et42 with 195/45r17

Also fits with slightly less sidewall on 205/40r17

What wheels do you have?

those look like Enkei RPF1 or Kosei TS1...

I'm planning to run 7.5x17 ET50 or ET45 (or maybe even 7x17 ET40) with some 205/45 tyres during summer (have to try all sets) and 7x16 ET45 with some 205/50 during winter... winters are not so severe here in Poland so I think 205/50-16 winter tyres should be OK (205/50-16 is closer to stock 195/45-17 size and you'll have a wider choice of tyres)

Anyone happen to know the weight of an original rim ? Scouting for lighter rims for next year.

9kg from what I have read

A bit on the heavy side then. Well, makes it easier to find lighter rims 🙂