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White Swift Sport ZC33s South Africa

Hi Guys,

Thought I should finally create a rides thread after browsing the forum the past few months. 🙂

Please see some pics below of the day I decided to buy her and the day I took delivery...

Interesting differences -
I noticed our countries spec has 16 inch rims.
No lane assistance.
No auto/radar cruise control (only basic cruise control).

I bought the car as demo with 300 km on the clock and decided to leave the carbon roof wrap and mirror cap wrap on it for added protection.
I've already put 10 000 km on the clock and have taken it for its first service 🙂 loving it!

I've also joined the local swift sport club and do frequent breakfast runs 🙂

Instagram handle: brandingo7

Planned mods
Catback exhaust
Panel filter
Resonator delete
HKS power editor

All the best 🙂

Uploaded files:
  • 20191205_171929.jpg
  • 20191205_171955.jpg
  • 20191211_170041.jpg
  • 20191211_170059.jpg
  • 20191211_170110.jpg

Some pictures of one of the sunset cruises I took on our backroads 🙂

And the first wash with some much needed wax to protect the paintwork 😀

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  • 20191215_192829.jpg
  • 20200103_143444.jpg
  • 20200103_150829.jpg
  • 20200103_150834.jpg
  • 20200103_152023.jpg

First breakfast run. Joined by a few ZC32s and a ZC31s and a few mx5's and opel opc's.

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  • 20200126_074245.jpg
  • 20200126_082601.jpg
  • 20200126_084102.jpg
  • 20200126_084432.jpg
  • 20200126_093033.jpg

Lovely pictures there buddy, cars looking great 👍

A big welcome to the SSSOC Brandon and from the UK.

And please don't forget to keep us Informed If and when any of the Intended mods are carried out 😎

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the welcome messages and thanks for the compliments.

Can a moderator please assist me in moving my thread to the showroom section.

On a side note my friend (pic below) and I both ordered our Pipercross panel filters from CTC yesterday and received excellent service 🙂
Chris really impressed us, we ordered the two filters yesterday and within a few hours received details from the shipping company that our parts are enroute.

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  • 20200308_101731.jpg
  • 20200308_1018100.jpg
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  • 20200308_102054.jpg
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Thread moved Brandon 👍

Thanks Marc,

Just thought I should write up another rave. I recently looked into getting my car ceramic coated, however the costs were astronomical.

So after some research I found a Meguiars product, Hybrid Ceramic Wax which was easy to apply and a tenth of the cost.

See pics below: 🙂

Uploaded files:
  • 20200327_072713.jpg
  • 20200326_164544.jpg
  • 20200330_125819.jpg
  • 20200330_125827.jpg
  • 20200330_125835.jpg
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Niels Hoffmann

I use that stuff, I think its great for in between detailing sessions 👍

Yeah its really simple to use, spray on and rinse off with the pressure hose.

I just made the rookie error of spraying too much of it over my car.

My filter should arrive in 2 weeks.

Then next up on the to do list is either a BOV or catback exhaust. Our exchange rate is just horrible to the pound at the moment, like R23 to a pound which is putting me off ordering more things.

Is it true to tune our cars they need to bench/open the ecu? Instead of working through the obd2 port?