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White Swift Sport ZC33s South Africa

Hi Guys,

So my friend recently tuned his car at ATM here in Cape Town and I see they use the below off the shelf maps and make slight adjustments to it.

Video of his results below:

I want to tune mine but I'm concerned if this will cause any engine issues in the long term and will it be easily picked up by Suzuki at services.

Dyno snipe below:

Uploaded files:
  • dyno-swift.PNG
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CTC Performance

Hey Brandon! Greetings from Cape Town!

If you ever go ahead with any exhaust upgrades, please do share!

I'm looking to upgrade to 17" or 18" wheels first and then possibly look at an exhaust, but the only recommendations I received is for a place in Belville called Powerflow who apparently make custom exhausts, but haven't had a look yet.

Keep it up, car looks good and we seem to be a rare species in South Africa ^^

Brandon, it’s not obvious it’s been tuned however it’s also not impossible to identify that it has with a generic file unless they change your file specifically if they just upload a file rather than changing yours will be obvious although even re writing your file can be found if they are looking for it. Should be reliable we have been running 223hp on stock engine and no issues in 2 years and we drive on track 😉