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ZC32S: likes / dislikes

I knocked up this list of personal likes / dislikes aswell as potential problems. Hope it's useful, for potential new owners!

1. Good looking, relatively low number around
2. Great to drive, dishes up a fun experience at low speed
3. The ride is excellent. Grippy and composed, but not rough. It can be a bit choppy over rough surfaces, maybe due to short wheelbase
4. Very well packaged, tardis-like inside
5. Excellent seats, supportive and comfortable
6. Surprisingly well built
7. Very free revving. Engine gets really excited from around 4000rpm to 6500rpm
8. 6-speed gearbox is unique to the sport, and well matched to engine.
9. Engine has timing chain, not belt, so good for life of engine
10. Cruise control very simple, great for economy. Can be engaged from 30mph + in 3rd gear or above
11. Bluetooth streaming and hands free
12. HID headlights are excellent

1. Climate control sometimes needs a bit of tweaking, rather than just “set and forget”
2. Not able to successfully sync iPhone address book with head unit on earlier entertainment systems. Update: all good on 2014 updated Garmin head
3. Audio sound is a bit tinny, but sound is very clear. Update: better on 2014 updated Garmin head
4. Passenger seat does not “remember” where it was, when rear passengers get in/out
5. Engine is a bit lacklustre up to 3000rpm
6. Gearchange can be a bit notchy, especially 1st to 2nd but very positive. Eases up when warm. Apparently it can be improved by replacing gearbox oil
7. No string on parcel shelf. Easy to forget to put back into place. Update: fixed on 2014 models
8. 9,000 mile service intervals are short. But it’s easy to service at home, apart from 18,000 mile interval valve clearance check, but general opinion is that this only needs checking if top end is very rattly
9. It’s not possible to change the convenience features, like all door opening, turning off some of the alarms, this kind of thing. Apparently your local friendly dealer can do this though
10. Owner’s manual is complex...for a simple car
11. When starting the engine, it tends to take quite a few revs of the engine before it fires
12. On cold days, the engine power output is deliberately, and drastically reduced, immediately after startup. Can be scary at T junctions etc. Power is gradually restored as the car warms up

Potential problems. No idea how common these are:
1. Some reports of ABS pump failure, dashboard LEDs stop working, alloy wheel paint bubbling, white paint not keeping its colour well

1- NA engine without direct injection.
2- fuel economy.
3- the design, way good looking car than zc33s.
4- 6 speed manual gearbox.
5- brakes.
6- handling.
7- stock panasonic radio with bluetooth and many buttons, without stupid touch screen, its a car not a laptop, well done.
8- HID headlights performance.
9- air con performance.
10- 3 interior room lights.
11- well equipped in general

1- steering column/rack endless rattles and some play sensation.
2- gearbox rattle at idle with cold engine and worsened with cold weather.
3- performance of the engine when cold, worsened in cold weather, only performs well when its well up in temperature, this sort of protection implemented by suzuki is very annoying.
4- engine very very noisy and with some hesitation when cold.
5- stock muffler is too quiet.
6- stock rpm limiter at 7000 rpm, should have been at 7300.
7- build quality, it rattles everywhere, even the driver seat cracks/squeakes when going over bumps, door panels rattles/squeaks during hot weather.
8- boot capacity.
9- paint coat is too thin, paint gets damaged easily.