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Zc32s Supercharged


The car looks great Frazer. Have you done a 0-62 speed check yet? I think that we would all be Interested In the result of that,


This is my favourite car on the forum!

How does it compare at full chat compared to other hot hatches/sporty cars? Given that you'd be pushing 200hp/ton at this point...

What was the cost of the install? Does it affect MPG much? Awesome car BTW!

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Ajay Purbhoosing

@Frazer Sivyour hello and congrats for the great build.I'll need your help with the brake calipers from the Clio Rs.If it's possible to contact

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Hi Frazier

Your car looks great. I am also supercharging my ZC32S but I need a wiring diagram or a workshop manual for it. Can you help? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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Did you do that yourself? Is the electronic difficult? I mean how did you remap your Ecu?

Your car is amazing.

Loads of questions i missed there, callipers are a kit from freaky parts. I dont have a wiring diagram, but did not need one, i did not map it myself, it does use the standard ecu which will learn fuelling values with no map with pretty good afr’s but would advise a map. Ctc performance can map the standard ecu for boost.