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zc33 centre pipe and front/downpipe

looking for a 2,5'centre pipe for my zc33s
and also looking for a front and downpipe 2,5'

By downpipe do you mean a decat?...

CTC Performance do these, and a few other places. You will require an ecu remap after to cancel warning lights on the dash

And by front pipe do you mean the link pipe between the cat and the mid pipe?...

Replacing the centre pipe with a 2.5" one wont mate to the standard rear section, its a big step down in size. It is possible, but there will be a choke point at the flange which will give you back pressure. You'd be better with a full system.

i have a rear muffler of monster sport and the attachment section is 2,5" so am looking to get a complete system 2.5"

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  • monster_spXDualStreetMuffler_ZC33S-BIG3.jpg

The Monster Sport exhaust is beautifully made
This is their front pipe 50 mm straight to 60 mm

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